I Had Goosebumps After Watching Il Divo Perform Hallelujah Live. The Crowds Reaction Will Give You Chills

After Leonard Cohen released “Hallelujah,” in 1984, there have been more than a hundred covers. People have sung it in multiple languages as well. And every cover is mesmerizing in its own way. But this live version of the song by il Divo is in a league of its own.

il Divo is a multi-national classical crossover group. It has members from Switzerland, Spain, France, and the USA. They are a part of Simon Cowell’s Syco Music. The video is of them performing the Lenord Cohen classic live.

il divo hallelujah

The song was a Christmas special video. And the surprising part of the video is that it is in Spanish. It is probably one of the best renditions of Hallelujah ever made.

WATCH the beautiful rendition of a mesmerizing song below.

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