Family’s Karaoke of ‘Les Miserables’ Song Is So Good They Could Perform It On Broadway

Karaoke is one of the myriad ways to enjoy leisure with family. Mainly famous in Asian culture, the fun activity soon sipped into the western culture. And to our Utah’s Von Trap family, too, it seems.

Given the nickname, I think you can guess that they are our musical family. The LeBaron family share their magical night on Youtube. And the audience is loving it. The choice is ever more astonishing and wise for a group Karaoke.

Based on a French novel written by Victor Hugo. Les Miserable was a musical blockbuster. It is critically acclaimed for the magnificent performances by non-singer-actor and actresses like Anne Hathway, Hugh Jackman, and many more. Do watch it if you haven’t already.

Let’s get back to the family lined behind the sofa. They make a somewhat similar resemblance to the end scenes of the movie. Each family member has angelic voices, sharing a few glances with each other from time to time. The granny on the camera is doing a fantastic job. Aw! they are adorable and perfectly co-ordinated too.

What do you think of the performance? The practice could have been painstaking long, given the number of kids wandering in the house. Please share your remarks in the feed.

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