This Is Why You Should Never Throw Icecubes Into a Deep Fat Fryer

Youtube is filled with all sorts of bizarre to relatable videos. From “What to do?” or How to do it? Even What not to do? A lot of YouTubers go through crazy scary experiments to quench their thirst.

Many even end up getting hurt for these kinds of content. Lets’ dive into the video, shall we? Initially, Marshal Ramer, the daring YouTuber, sets up all his camera in place. Then lights the stove, placing a hot pot on it. Furthermore, he adds around 3-4 lt of cooking oil to the utensil. But we only get to see the experiment on the second day due to technical difficulties.

He chooses a relatively open area, aware of the possible dangers. The experiment results unfold as he adds a small tub of regular ice in the oil. And in seconds, the whole pot lights on enraging fire for a good minute. Then after the bubbling settles down, he adds dry ice, which doesn’t give you a dramatic result as the ordinary ice. Needless to say, they both look really dangerous. Please watch the live-case action and share your thoughts in the feed.

Please share this footage as a reminder to be careful with hot oil and water with your loved one.