This Enormous Bull Was Bred For Its Meat, But When He Walks It’s Extremely Uncomfortable

Crossbreeding is complex. Breeding a species with another one could take years of attempts and failures. The video below features one of these crossbreeds. The Belgian Blue is a cattle breed which originated in the early 20th century in central and upper Belgium. They are reared for a strange feature: muscular hypertrophy or double muscling. This trait is beneficial to cattle breeders.

It is highly desirable for the quantity of meat it produces, and inevitably, the price they get in return for the quantity. Belgian Blue cattle are quite popular in Europe and Australia, and they have recently been introduced to the United States as well. The USDA has deemed the Belgian Blue’s meat as rather excellent, and “on line for the new standards.”

Watch the video below. Do you support such breeding practices? Let us know your standing on this issue in the comments!

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