This Classic Hamburger and Potato Soup Recipe Is Exactly What You Need This Fall

“Winter is coming,” and what better time to indulge in soups than fall. The warm delight in a bowl is sure to make you and your family smile. You may have plenty of the recipe up your sleeve, and you can add a new one to the list after this article.

Ingredients for hamburger soup are: One pound of ground beef, Four large potatoes, Four large carrots, One medium/large onion, one stalk of celery, Four cloves of garlic, one cup of spinach, one can of corn, Two tablespoons of parsley, One tablespoon of basil, Two tablespoons of beef bouillon base, Salt, Pepper, and of course, water.

Let’s start with chopping the onion, potato, and celery to your preferable sizes. Make thin slices of garlic, and add all of them to a stockpot with beef bouillon. Please add the salt and pepper to your taste. After you simmer the soup for a good 10 -20 minutes. Use a fork to check the vegetable.

Once they start crumbling, add the beef little by little. With that, add the spinach and corn, don’t forget the spices, though. Please maintain the thickness of the meal to your liking. It will be done after the meat is thoroughly cooked. You can serve it as it is or with hot and toasty garlic bread. Please let us know how did the soup turn out.

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