Adorable Giant Husky Plays With Her Toddler Twin Siblings

Dogs are loving creatures and are incredibly tender around kids. Mostly Huskies are known to be very friendly and playful around young ones. And the twins seem to know they are safe, and their playtime is much more exciting with the doggo around.

Mostly, owners tend to give the dogs away once they expect a young one, thinking it would be dangerous. Apart from initial jealousy, which eventually goes away, they are mostly harmless. Once, the dogs get familiar with the babies; they become lifelong loyal friends and a protector of the toddlers.

An example is a video below, where we can witness Juno showcasing his love for the twins. In the beginning, the canine play buddy lies on his back, paying equal attention to both of the toddlers. The babies make cute noises while including their husky in their playtime.

The dad uploaded the clip, and it went viral really soon, gaining 1.8 million views and thousands of people indulging in likes and comments. The owners add Juno is friendly with every animal she comes across. What a loved being, isn’t she? What do you think are pets dangerous to be around babies? Please share your thoughts on the matter.

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