Huge Butterfly Lands Right on Baby’s Head as Daddy Captures Precious Response

Nature is such a precious thing. As we grow of age, we appreciate and even fear nature’s dramatic power. So, why not introduce nature to the toddlers early on their age. Given they are equally precious, acquainting them would be pretty straightforward.

In hopes of introducing their adorable daughter, Nathan Knight and his wife took her to San Diego Zoo. While the couple was exploring nature with their children, a beautiful butterfly landed on the baby’s head. If you already didn’t spot it, it is the Blue Morpho Butterflies. Belonging to the giant butterflies in the world, their wings can span up to 5-8 inches. The captivating iridescent blue comes from the microscopic scales that are in the back of the wings.
Baby Butterfly

This fantastic butterfly also holds a good superstition. The Amazon tribes believe that this morpho can grant wishes. This is why they make ceremonial masks with their wings. Apart from that, these are imperishable insects on their own. In their early stage, as pupa, they can digest even the most poisonous plants.

Nonetheless, it’s genuinely remarkable to see the butterfly landing on the toddler’s head regardless of their self-protective personality. The insect really seems to like the baby or maybe is in progression to granting a wish. Even when the little girl bows her head, the flyer only changes its position. Please enjoy this amazing video.

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