Man Is ‘Broken’ After His Rhino Was Poached, but Then a Miracle Birth Happens

Ever since humans have been on the top of the Pyramid and out of the food chain. We have used our powers in contrasting manners. While some invest their life in protecting and providing care for these animals., And some spend their days endangering the wild.

Poaching is one of the many brutal actions. A few years ago, Thandi, a rhino of the Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, gave birth to a baby that should have never been born. Thandi survived a barbaric poaching attack that left two males dead. The brave rescuers stood by Thandi’s side, doing everything they could to save the animal fighting to be alive.

Fortunately, Thandi lived through the horrific part and gave birth to a calf. Given her condition, no one thought she would survive childbirth. However, Thandi proved her strength, and soon she gave birth to two new calves. The camera crew sneaks in to take pictures of a family, trying their best not to scare them away. It’s gratifying to witness this miraculous survival story. But the daunting image of such vicious acts undoubtedly makes everyone sad.

Thankfully some people devote themselves to saving the wild. The most we can do is avoid getting into such cruel acts.

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