This is How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home With A Natural Repellent

Raise your hand if you don’t like killing spiders? Although many individuals are scared of eight-legged creatures, they avoid killing them. Hence a natural remedy can go along a far way if we just know what to use.

Spiders detest citric or minty smells such as peppermint, oranges, and vinegar.

While many commercial spider repellents cause harm to the creature. And let’s not forget they play a vital role in the ecosystem by keeping the population of insects in check. Killing them can lead to bigger problems than anticipated.

So, we have the perfect solution for you, “Natural Repellent.” Like every being, a spider’s weakness lies in the sense of smell. They don’t prefer fresh minty or critic smell. Fill a spray bottle with three cups of water, mix liquid detergent, now add the peppermint essential oil.

Please press play and watch how to create your natural repellent.