Colombian Teens Show the World How to Graduate in Style With a Flashy Dance Routine

Once high school is over, the graduation days are spend with a huge celebration. Much like the Colombian teens featured below. Instead of throwing a huge party the group practice one of the old dance routines.

Colombian teens spend weeks perfecting the routine to “The Forbidden Dance” by Kaoma.

Girls line on one side dressed beautifully in pink blouse and skirt with ruffles. On the opposite boys line up in plain white shirts and black trousers. Funky music plays in the background and the teenagers come close dancing.

They circle their partner for the dance, the whole time moving their hips side to side.

The students go on performing moves when they suddenly jump off the ground wrapping their legs around the men. The whole transition is done with flawless technique. Eventually, they form a long conga line moving in the playground.

As they finish the dance, the crowd cheers off. Soon after the video went viral with almost 17M views. This shows, how popular the Forbidden Dance is after all these years. You can even watch movies based on the idea released in the 90s.  The Forbidden Dance and Lanbadaare two amazing films that you can enjoy this weekend.

Please press play and enjoy the dance and maybe the movies later too. If you like the movie do share your thoughts in the feed.

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