Girl Acts Sad To See How Her Horse Reacts – And it’s beautiful

If you grew up on a farm chances are you had horses. And growing up these majestic stallions you learned one thing.

Horses feel sentiments, they can even understand complex emotions.

A lot of owners describe their majestic runners using myriads of phrases. The mischievous pony or the grumpy old mare. While some are determined their pets are able to process a reaction. Others still like to dabble in small experiments.

Similar to the owner featured in the clip below. Initially, she sets up her camera and explains to the viewers about the systematic approach.

The girl sits down cross-legged and cries to gain the attention of her stallion.

For few minutes, she gets no reaction whatsoever. But once the animals hear a wailing noise. The mare turns around and walks over to the owner with a piece of hay. It’s simple logic, the creature enjoys hay. The owner got more than a reaction she found a supportive friend. Please press play and enjoy the adorable clip. Do share your bonding experience with your pets.

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