These Horses Heal Humans – You’ll Be Amazed by This Story

Horses are one of the most incredible creatures on planet earth. Not only are they strong, beautiful, and intelligent, these animals are often used for therapy as well. The horse retreat featured in the video below is called Equinsity Retreats. It aims to help people feel good again via the help of horses and nature.

Horses have long been thought to have healing power for humans. They provide an opportunity for people to interact with a gentle, calming animal, and studies have shown that this is beneficial for those suffering from anxiety, depression or PTSD. Horseassisted therapy has been found to help improve physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as providing a sense of connection and purpose.  

The horses in this 325-acre estate were raised by humans and they foster through human interaction. But for the most part, they are free and wild. All the horses are incredibly comfortable to be around humans as well. This clip is a teaser for the upcoming “One With the Herd” movie and it features the horses from Equinisity Retreat.

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