11-Yr-Old is a Sassy Little Diva – But Her Voice Blows Everyone Away

We’ve all seen a lot of good kid performances on the Got Talent stages, but this one has got to be one of the biggest “bang for the buck” auditions for a contestant of her age.

Asanda Jezile is only 11 years old and to say she is precocious is a bit of an understatement. “Music is everything to me,” she said. “When I’m singing, I just feel magic. If I got the chance to sing in front of the Queen, maybe I could teach her how to [be] a little bit of a diva….”

Asanda performs Rhianna’s smash hit “Diamonds” and even does a bit of a dance to start it off. While they are watching, both the audience and the judges know they are watching something special. Her voice is unbelievable for an 11-year-old and they all know it, which is why she gets four “yes” votes and a standing ovation.

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