Rescue Horse Saves Mom’s Life by Running to Get Help

Here’s a heartwarming story about a rescue horse that repays the favor by saving his owner’s life after an accident.

Huckleberry was one of ten unwanted horses that were being offered for sale. Nine were sold relatively quickly but no one had any interest in the tenth–Huckleberry–so this woman took him home.

It turns out Huckleberry was quite the clown and had lots of personality. Even though he didn’t seem to get along with other horses very well, he did get along fine with this owner and they became fast friends.

The owner’s goal was to train Huckleberry as a riding horse, so she found a saddle and would take him out riding. One day, when he was spooked by the neighbor’s dogs, Huckleberry threw her from the saddle and she landed on her head. “Huck” immediately ran home–something she said she didn’t think he would ever do–which alerted her husband to come looking for her.

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