Woman Faces a Bitter Consequence of Distracted Driving

Driving on the road is a risky business alone. Now add speeding, texting, or any other influence. This is a recipe for disaster. It’s not just the driver that impacted this behavior, from people walking on the sideway to vehicles on the road. Each one of them is mushed in the horrible aftermath.

Much like, drinking and driving, texting and driving are equally dangerous. Let me help you paint the picture. Happily, married couple Leslee and David decided to go for a walk on March 4th, 2013. During their walk, they noticed a car speeding from behind. The woman on the wheels was allegedly texting and driving. She then crashed with another vehicle that hit the couple on the driveway.

David died on the spot due to the impact, while Leslee was seriously injured. She was immediately taken to the hospital. Leslee underwent a series of surgeries to correct a handful of various medical concerns. Now think it from a different perspective, the innocent driver that got mashed into the situation. The woman behind the wheels, late for work, crashed to a driver who was abiding by all traffic rules. Being two minutes behind the work schedule is not worth such a disaster.

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