Horse Approaches A Kiddie Pool, Captured Footage Is Going Viral

Summer is a great season, but the heat is not always appreciated. Though it does have some perks; like relaxing around a pool or getting a tan. And it looks like horses are quite similar to humans too! They love jumping in the pool and avoiding the heat like we do. Take for example this adorable horse in the video below!

This horse is called Duke and he is going to crack you up with what he does. He goes up to a kiddie pool and though he seems a bit cautious at first, watch what he does next! The heat became unbearable so he jumped in and started splashing water everywhere! His family is standing nearby, and they can’t help but be amused at his behavior!

Watch this adorable clip below. How did you feel watching this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

[ytvid id =”2KOKUsPMGgs”]

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