The majestic stallions of the wild have traveled the journey of life with us. However, you will be surprised to witness that they are more than trusty companions. They also like to indulge in fun activities.

With the viral trend culture, people have left no stone unturned. As being one of the closest buddies, horses have jumped on the bandwagon. From Blanco, viral dance routine to now this, I think they have done all the craziness we humans demand.

Needless to say, it’s so satisfying to watch the whole scenario. Debbie Hogg, an owner of a beautiful horse, Chulo, shared this footage on Facebook. It’s Chulo and a bunch of her friends showcasing slick dance moves on a farm.

The magnificent animal was an internet sensation as soon as the video was uploaded. With such a big smile, the group has stolen many hearts. The fans are showering the team with lots of love. What did you think of the exciting training?

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