Man Rips Up This Homeless Veteran’s Sign, But It’s His Words That Made Me Cry

There a lot of homeless veterans in our country. As of 2009, the number reached approximately 23 million! On the bright side, it has been reported that the number of homeless veterans in the U.S. has dropped by a third over the past four years. This video features one of these veterans named Alan McCracken and a magician named Rob Anderson. You’re going to pleased when you see what happened here!

When Rob strolled over to the smiling and humble Alan, nobody was expecting him to rudely tear up his sign. But what he did next will no doubt put a smile on your face. This video went viral instantly and it was even covered by CNN and the Today’s Show. Rob even managed to raise more than $40,000 in 1 month for Alan. Alan only took a portion of it because of his humbleness and the rest of the money was used to help other veterans in need.


Watch the video below! Have you come across homeless veterans before? Don’t forget to share what you feel in the comments below!

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