Bird Sees Himself in the Mirror, Follows Up With the Most Downright Adorable Move

Parrots are some of the most entertaining creatures in the world. They are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also very intelligent and social. This is the reason so many people adopt them as pets nowadays. Parrots are also very good at keeping you amused. They can kill your boredom in a few short seconds! Just take a look at this adorable sun conure for example! You are going to be in hysterics when you see the little guy bust a move in front of the mirror!

This conure is called Django, and he has got some fancy dance moves up his sleeve. According to Lafeber, a veterinarian website that has a special passion when it comes to birds, conure parrots are popular pets since they have fun personalities. These South American birds are loud but cuddly and can make great family pets. A bit of extra love and attention means you can even teach them to do various tricks.

When Django catches his own reflection in the mirror, he seems curious about it. He starts running to and fro across the mirror, turning and moving his head back and forth. Towards the end of his adorable routine, he accidentally taps his beak in the mirror. Seemingly confused, he pauses for a few seconds before continuing to do his thing unfazed. His precious personality is going to win you over for sure!

Check out Django’s cute dance below! Did you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments!

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