Antique Collector Hunts Down Homeless Man Who Brought in Item to Share the Huge Profits

Collecting antiques can be a great hobby. However, sometimes, you can earn a fortune by selling one such piece.

Adam found an antique Bambi photo in the garbage. The homeless man saw some value in that picture, so he went to an antique store and sold it. The shop owner bought the Disney character’s photo at $20 which also seemed like a good deal to Adam.

The shop owner, after some time, decided to give the man a good share of his antique piece as he thought it was worth more than what he gave Adam. The antique store man searched for Adam everywhere until he came to the store himself. The man pretended to film a YouTube video but gave Adam the $18k that he raised from GoFundme.

This story is truly heartwarming and it did change Adam’s life to some extent as well. Watch the full video below!

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