Homeless Valedictorian Earns $3 Million in Scholarships – See His Reaction When He Finds Out

They say if you set your mind into doing something, no force in the world can stop you. Sure there will be hard times and plenty of hurdles heading your way. But what’s more important is to stay strong, work hard, and keep your head high.

And for this young man, his life is about to get so much better. High school student Tupac Mosley has been through situations a lot of people might not face in their entire life. He lost his father as he was severely ill. His mother had financial issues due to which they were forced to live on the street. But Tupac turned his life around, despite his condition.

homeless guy gets scholarship

Tupac was a very hardworking student. And when he graduated, he was at the top of his class. He became the valedictorian during his graduation. But that wasn’t it. Due to his 4.3 point average score, he was accepted into 40 colleges around the United States. And Tupac received a $3 million in scholarship.

Tupac is now attending Tennessee State University, where he is majoring in electrical engineering. And his story has inspired hundreds of other teenagers living a similar life. WATCH Tupac’s inspiring story below.

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