This Tiny Baby Monkey Was About to Be Killed by Poachers. Her Reaction When Rescued is So Moving

The little baby monkey in this video went through a gruesome period. She was trying to be smuggled by poachers and she did not stand a chance against those life-threatening obstacles.

Fortunately Belize Forest Department got a call about the poaching and they moved fast. They managed in the successful rescue of the baby and bought her to Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic where she was given the required treatment.

This wee baby was named Izzie. The people in the clinic rehydrated and fed her. They saw she had broken arms and several other broken bones due to a shotgun pellet. They did their best and mended her and Izzie is on the road to recovery. There are lots of animal falling preys to poaching. We should do our part to protect them!

[ytvid id=”SVqg7mJ8SeQ”]

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