Disabled Dog Dumped Twice in One Day by Heartless Owners

I wouldn’t be wrong if I say humans are the most terrible beings in the world. We’re one of the most intelligent animals in the animal kingdom. However, we are the real reason for the destruction of the planet. And the way humans treat other “inferior” is truly disheartening. And it doesn’t even have to be a street animal for humans to disrespect. They’d do to their pets as well.

This video here is a prime example of the selfish nature of human beings. In a street camera footage, you see a white car stopping in the middle of the road. Then a woman steps out of the vehicle and opens the back door. And two dogs get off from the back door.

dog gets dumped twice

The woman then makes one of the dogs go back inside the care. And she pushes the other dog aside and hops back in the car. And before you know it, she storms off, leaving the poor pooch behinds. Then the dog, who is disabled, clueless, and now, homeless limps forward in hopes to catch the car.

But that’s not the end of the story. The disabled dog, Tintin was later returned to the owners. However, the heartless owners went ahead and dumped the dog in the middle of the road one more time. Poor Tintin got dumped by his cruel owners twice in the same day. He is now under the care of a local animal protection service and more than 30 people have come forward to adopt the pooch.

WATCH the heartbreaking video of the woman dumping Tintin below.

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