Hero Stops Knife Attack on Woman in NYC Subway

We’re all aware that crime is on the rise in some of our larger cities but as this video shows, some people are ready to respond when it rears its ugly head. As the TV announcer says, it goes from horrific to heroic in seconds.

Sean Conaboy was standing on the subway platform at the Union Square station–one of NYC’s busiest–when a man approached a woman at the edge of the platform, dragged her to the ground and began slashing.

“The moment I saw the knife, I decided to run to that spot,” Sean said. And did he ever: he grabbed the man from behind and dragged him off the woman, even as the man attempted to continue slashing his 54-year-old victim.

Although Sean jumped in along and dragged the man away from his victim, other passengers jumped in after a few seconds to help hold the man down until police arrived. Thanks to Sean, the woman survived and recovered.

Watch the full video below!

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