Hero Pilot Takes Down Man Who Assaults Flight Attendant

Flying can be a little stressful these days and tensions can run high in the airport and even on the planes. Here’s a video that shows how a pilot handles someone who can’t seem to handle themselves.

We’re all aware that air travel has been a bit stressful since the Covid pandemic knocked everyone for a loop. Now that travel is back to normal, it seems many people have forgotten how to be civil when they’re in public and the number of violent incidents on airplanes is still up considerably from 2019.

Take this man, who’s repeatedly told to sit down but still attempts to push his way to the exit. Even the pilot gets into the situation, telling the man to walk back to his seat. Not only does he refuse, he pushes the flight attendant out of the way and onto the ground.

That’s when this hero pilot jumps into action and subdues the man. It’s gratifying to see the man quickly succumb to the pilot’s wishes, we only wish he’d done it before the situation got out of hand! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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