Baby Penguins Are in Trouble, Until an Unlikely Hero Rushes in to Save Them

The ecosystem of the world moves in a circle. It is either eat or get eaten by the superior. But time and again, the wild beings learn to defend themselves against danger. Similar is the story of this brave flock of baby penguins.

The story begins when a group of emperor penguins marches on the thick snow. During the same moment, a petrel lands near the moving flock. The occurrence startles the chick, who try their best to flee from the danger. But they begin to fall on the snow, allowing the predator to get an easy hook one of the penguins.

The petrel then tries to grab it by the neck. Nevertheless, the baby fights back, freeing himself. The young ones then form a circle trying to defend themselves. This act of bravery buys them sometimes when a helping hand rushes at a speedy pace.

Adelie is considered one of the feistiest penguins. Once he saw the situation, he knew he had to save his fellow members. So he stands between the giant and the chicks. Watch the fascinating video below to see how the situation resolves itself and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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