Dad and His Three Sons Move Judges To Tears After Emotional Performance of ‘Father and Son’

Family comes first no matter what. When a family unites to do something, there is no doubt that it’s going to be wonderful in every way.

People were extremely taken aback along with the judges when this family band put forth an amazing performance on the stage of Got Talent. The judges were surprised by how good their voices were. Sadly, there is a story of the rough times that this family went through behind their strong vocals.

They call themselves The Neales and the band members consist of three sons and a father. Laurie Neale had to go through cardiac arrest a few years ago. That’s when the father and sons started bonding over songs. Their song is just as heartwarming as their story. The judges started choking up and tearing down when family clips played on the screen while the singers performed with all their hearts.

This has to be one of the most talented bands to audition with such an amazing story. Watch the full video below!

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