Delivery Man Came To Drop A Package. But Instead Goes Viral For Doing The Most Heartwarming Thing!

There is a special place in my heart for people who go above and beyond their daily jobs. They might not receive compliments for it, but they do it anyway because they are just that good. And this FedEx driver is the epitome of a good heart!

Jodi LaFreniere is a kindergarten teacher who was not at home in snowy Michigan during her FedEx delivery. But not to worry, because it was Melvin J Marlett delivering the package to her house. In the 23 years that he has been working as a delivery man, Melvin’s come around the place a few times. He’s even a bit familiar with her fiance. But this time around, Melvin did something that ultimately won Jodi over!

fedex driver

When Melvin came to the doorstep with the package, it activated Jodi’s doorbell security system, which filmed the whole thing. Looking back at the footage, Jodi noticed that Melvin not only dropped the package, but he also took the time to shovel snow of her front stoop. Of course, he didn’t have to do so. But the generous man says that it was the right thing to do. Awww! Watch the kind man in action below:

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