Mom Asked Bulldog About His Day, He Gives the Most Viral Rant and is Lighting Up the Internet

There is nothing better than coming back to the comforts of your home and being welcomed by your loved one, especially your dog. After a long day at work, it really brings a lot of relief and joy to us. Dogs are just so happy to see you, and their enthusiasm and love can take away all your stress melts. They might not be able to speak with words, but they make wonderful listeners!

They can be the best therapists as well. You might have shared many things with them to relieve your heart. The pooch in the following video wanted to do the same, but with his mom as his listener. When Bruley the Frenchie was asked about his day, he started pouring all his emotions out without a moment of hesitation! He wasn’t able to speak with words of course, but he did let out a huge rant!

It’s almost like he had a lot on his mind, and wanted to get it all off his chest. If that wasn’t convincing enough, what makes this even more convincing is the look at he has in his cute orb-like eyes. Having such a cute dog in the house must be an absolute joy! What a hilarious little guy he is! Now just imagine how talkative he would be if he could really speak!

If you love dogs and their cute antics, then you will surely be in awe by this adorable little guy!

Check out this hilarious video below:

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