Woman calls 911 to ‘Order pizza’ But Soon Enough Turn Out To Be The Most Chilling Conversation

Listening is a great skill that will help you throughout your life. What I mean by listening is, understanding what the person is trying to convey and empathizing with them. It is also reacting to what the person is saying as the situation demands. This is especially important when it’s your job.

Tim Teneyck is a 911 dispatcher who has been trained to listen. In his line of work, the calls usually take place when the situation is scary and violent. Such as in the case of domestic violence. However, one day, Teneyck got a call from a woman who ordered a pizza.


At first, the dispatcher didn’t understand what was going on. But she continues with her order! She repeats her address, and she tells him that he’s not getting it when he double-checks to see if she’s calling the right place. That’s when it clicks, and he plays along. He asks her if the perpetrator is still there and if she needs medical assistance. And she replies, all in code. In the end, the smart thinking and the quick wit of the caller and operator paid off, and the abuser has been caught. Watch the full story down below:

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