Foolish Man Tries to Jump Rolling Hay Bale – It Does Not Go Well!

Now that internet videos are so prevalent and there are lots of people who make their living posting them to social media, there’s been a rise of people doing almost anything to get views. Well here’s one where a guy tries something pretty stupid–jumping over a  giant rolling hay bale–and it goes about like you’d expect.

The guy–I would say the “poor guy” but I don’t really feel much sympathy for him–stands on a hill and waits for the giant round hay bale to roll down. His complicit friends watch and film his antics.

As the bale gets closer and we can gauge its size, it’s relatively clear the guy isn’t going to make it. Just as it reaches him, he jumps as high as he can (he actually timed his jump pretty well) but it’s nowhere near enough and the hay bale tosses him down the hill like a rag doll

His friends posted he wasn’t seriously injured, except for possibly his pride. Watch the short clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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