Idiot Jokingly Removes Brick From the Pillar, Wasn’t Ready for What Followed

So it’s a pretty simple concept: remove enough bricks from one of the brick supports and it won’t be able to provide any more support! Unfortunately, this guy seems to have not gotten the memo. Or to have paid much attention in school.

This video went viral on the internet and it’s clear to see why. As fascinated as we humans are watching something being built, we are equally as fascinated as seeing it come down. So when this guy is obviously trying to bring down this column by taking out bricks, we’re equally as obviously committed to watch.

What’s not clear is if the guy with the bricks fully understood what would happen if his plan succeeded. Yes, he was trying to bring down the pillar, but did he understand what comes next? Did he know that the concrete slabs holding up the ceiling for two sections, possibly more, depended upon that pillar?

I think the man who was filming seemed to know because, from the shaking camera, we can deduce he was somewhat nervous while his friend kept knocking on the pillar. But did he know?

Thankfully, no one got any serious injuries. Watch the short video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know if you think they understood the implications!

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