As they say, no one does it like the Russians. This Russian man proved the saying right! In fact, he collapsed a whole building by just throwing some bricks on one of its pillars.

This video went viral on the internet and shocked many people all around the world. However, it is even more shocking that this man and his friends destroyed a building merely for some fun. One of the men was even seeking his way out while his friend was looking forward to some madness. Obviously, he got stopped and had to watch everything.

The man who was filming seemed to be somewhat nervous while his friend kept knocking on the pillar. The building falls off immediately and all of them run to safety. This event may seem brutal to the rest of the world but these guys were in for some absolute thrill.

Thankfully, no one got any serious injuries. And we must admit, this will be one of the most shocking things you will find on the internet! Watch the full video below!

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