Outraged “Crazy” Passenger Can’t Prove Her Child Is Under 2 Years Old

Time and again, people try to take the wrong advantage of schemes made available for small kids. Be it avoiding paying the extra fee on Disney world or even buying a ticket on the plane. Some parents just cross the line and ruin it for everyone.

There is a place and time for bargains to snag a great deal. And as adults, I think we are capable of recognizing such situations. There is even a particular American Network that displayed a series of episodes based on similar issues. Over the years, the network gave us a handful of docu-series and other hot topics with a different perspective altogether.

In the clip below, a family tries to dodge buying the tickets for their fully grown sons. In many airlines, kids under two years can fly free. These passengers try to use this free card but unable to prove their kid’s actual age. Undoubtedly, the parents are being unreasonable but think about the kid. What will he gain from this ongoing fight?

Please press play and watch as this horrific situation unfolds.

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