They Lined Up in a Field in Hats and Boots – And Their Dance Got 30M Views

This is one of those videos that’s just so fun to watch that you can tell exactly why it went viral. And viral it went, racking up an impressive 30 million views on YouTube alone, plus millions of others on different social media platforms.

This group of Brazilian women are all part of a dance class taught by Thays Monaro, who also choreographed this number. She’s the woman in the center, a social media star with over 200,000 subscribers–her YouTube videos have over 54 million views!

Thays specializes in country dance classes and the women are all her students. She also offers online classes you can take from anywhere!

In this video the women are line dancing to Alan Jackson’s 1992 hit “Chattahoochee.” I’ve posted other line dance videos of this song but this one takes the cake as the most popular on YouTube. Congratulations, Ms. Monaro, keep up the good work!

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