Little Girl Steals Prince Harry’s Popcorn, Gets Caught Red-handed a Few Seconds in

Little kids are unpredictable. You can never be too sure around them. Just when you think you have figured them out, they go ahead and surprise you with their silly antics once again. Prince harry found out about this first-hand while attending the Invictus Games this year. He is the creator, president, and patron of the Invictus Games, an Olympic styled event for wounded, injured, or sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans.

Prince Harry was attending the UK vs Denmark sitting volleyball match at the Mattamy Athletic Centre in Toronto when one brave toddler decided to steal his food. She committed what’s likely to be the most daring crime of her life, but the Prince’s reaction to it is just the sweetest! He was deep in conversation with one of his friends when Emily Henson, the daughter of Invictus athlete David Henson, reached over and stole popcorn from right under his nose!

The adorable baby girl was sitting on her mom’s lap. And Prince Harry was right next to her. She is nonchalant about the whole thing even when the guy catches her red-handed! The hilarious footage has now been viewed more than 64 million times since it was first posted. Watch this funny video below and let us know what you thought about it in the comments section!

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