Heartwarming Video Captures Little Girl’s Pure Joy at Seeing Serviceman Father Come Home

Once in a while, we all require a reminder that service members are like everyone but a robust version. Just think about it, they stay away from the family for years.

When they come back home, it’s just a matter of days before they run along to save the country. We understand this truth but explaining this to a little girl is complicated. Carlin Ensman loved her dad but couldn’t understand why he wasn’t around. Her mother, Mandy, described her daddy was in the army.


With every passing day, Carlin was getting used to her father’s absence. But little did she know, the parents were planning a surprise. When her mother took her to the airport, the toddler was still clueless. Eventually, her daddy walked in, and she was the happiest kid alive. Carlin is so cute and polite. I hope the family stays happy forever. Please share your loving words in the feed.

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