Heroic Man Risks His Life to Save Dog Hanging from Balcony of High Rise

Having pets is all fun and games until you leave them unsupervised. Usually, the trouble only extends so far, chewing on your new shoes or pulling down the carpet. However, one pup in Colombia founds itself in a scary predicament.

In the clip below, a man in Colombia is filmed while risking his life to save a Dalmatian. That is hanging on the balcony of a high-rise building. As the scared pooch looks down, whimpering at the situation, the people downstairs come with ideas to get him down. Initially, the neighbors stretch out a broom to push back the canine safety. But the trick doesn’t work.

Stiff with fear, the pup hardly moves a muscle; that’s when a man decides to do the death-defying climb. The canine is dangling half his body over the edge of the window. So, the heroic man risking his life climbs the wall and gets to through the window.

The action feels straight out of a superhero movie. One wrong move could cost him, mobility or worst, his life. Fortunately, no one got hurt in the end, and the dog was rescued for safety. Although the poor pup might have been scarred for life. I hope the owners shower them with loads of love and attention.

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