During the chaotic times of World War, many civilians fled their homes to safety, wherever that was in the moment. Carrying only what was essential or empty-handed, individuals ran, leaving their possession behind. Solange Beaugiron was one of such survivors. At the moment, Nazis were taking over cities one after another in World war II.

Hence there was nothing left to do, then run for it. The apartment belonged to Madame Marthe de Florian, Solange’s grandmother. Marthe was an actress in Paris in the late 19th century. After her demise, late Beaugiron was the only heir. However, she had to leave it all behind as Nazis began storming in nearby cities. In fear, she never came back, but her appointed lawyers paid the rent for over seven decades.

When Solange Beaugiron died, the descendant was notified of the apartment. Hence after 70 years, auctioneers had to take an inventory of the place. Underneath the thick piles of dust and cobwebs lay immense treasures and art collections. Besides a few distinctive paintings were a stack of love letters. It turns out; Madame Marthe de Florian was Boldini’s artistic muse.

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