She Was Playing “Hallelujah” On The Subway

If you see your favorite singer, walk down the same road as you. Chances are you will ask for a selfie, a hug, or even try to make a light conversation. Now, imagine someone down the same street playing an amazing tune. Depending upon your time, you will either stop or won’t even make eye contact and be on your way.

Being famous or successful doesn’t happen on a day. It takes years and years of dedication and passion in the given field. Take, Ed Sheeran for example. Initially, the renowned singer used to sing by the subway. He practiced music anywhere that had a spot for him. In the clip, a similar uprising singer, Lindsay Stirling, plays a haunting cover of “Hallelujah”.

The video shows how out of touch people have become, glued to their smartphone 24*7. Moreover, the side-by-side comparison of her playing on a stage filled with thousands of people just emphasizes the difference. It really makes me think when concert tickets are sold out. Is it because of the audience’s love for music and appreciation for the artist? Or just a chance to jump on the bandwagon everyone is posting about?

Please press play and enjoy this meaningful video.

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