This Distressed Mother Goose Tries to Get a Cop’s Attention to Help Save Her Gosling

Nothing is more troublesome for a mother than seeing her babies under stress. Especially when you are left with comparatively fewer ways to comfort them. Similar to the scenario of the mother goose in the video below. Thankfully a trusty officers came to her aid.

Cincinnati Police officers have a lot of things on their plate. Like every dedicated officer, they protect and serve the people. Catch the bad guys to keep the streets safe for everyone who abides by the law. It turns out that it’s not all of their duties. Apart from looking after the people, the Cincinnati officers have one more important group to serve, “the goose families”.


Police officers stop to help a baby goose tangled in a wire. The worried mother is seen pacing back and forth while the helpful officers are at work. As soon as the officers untangle the wire, the sacred baby runs to the water. How horrible of an experience for the little ones. It’s usually because of the litters thrown around carelessly. Always take care of your mess, or it might twist on an innocent dweller.

Please press play and enjoy this amazing clip with your loved ones.

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