You either like rain or you don’t—I, for one, love the feeling of a new beginning that light showers bring. However, there is a distinction between a sprinkle and a storm. And I would not want to be caught in a hailstorm, especially when it’s the size of a baseball!

The people of Oklahoma City are no strangers to bad weather. Moreover, they know to expect rain even when the clouds aren’t gray. You never know when you’ll need an umbrella! But nobody had ever seen such massive hail in the city. Luckily, a man was filming the whole thing when massive hailstones hit his swimming pool. And it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before!

hail oklahoma

In the clip from May 16, 2010, a man took a camera to show the enormous chunks of ice hitting his pool. At first, you can see the sheer size of the hail by the splashes in the pool. Moreover, around the 1:40 mark, not only is the size bigger, but so many of them fall together. And this makes the pool water spill and splash around like it’s boiling! Watch the video below:

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