Auditions are the best ways you can see the potential of a person. A person who makes a good impression in the audition round of a talent round is most likely to do well in his career as well.

This video is proof that one really does not need to master the art of perfection in order to win the hearts of people. Slight imperfection and a lot of flaws can also help you be considered talented. How do you do that might be a concern. But, the best way you can do it is by just being yourself and doing what you do best as these ladies did.

The three women came to the stage very confidently. Everyone was very hopeful about what they would do. And they did not fail to impress a single person in the room. Even Simon Cowell, who happens to be the toughest critic in the show, seemed to love their performance despite the flaws and mistakes.

This performance will make you laugh till your stomach hurts. Watch the full video below!

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