Kids are simply one of the funniest creatures ever. They will mess you up in ways you wouldn’t even expect them to.

This is one of the funniest videos you will find on the internet. The children in this video are just so funny you really can’t help but laugh out loud at how mischievous they are. Children are always mischievous and worse of all, very unpredictable. It is always the parents who have to hold themselves responsible when their children do something wrong.

Son Finds Moms Buzz Cutter And Shaves His And His Siblings Hair Off

Well, the mom was amused and shocked at the same time. She really got confused about whether she should smile, laugh or even cry at what her children did. The older son of this poor mom happened to find her buzz cutter. What else did he need to have a little fun playing with it. He ended up shaving his younger sibling’s head.

The victimized mom posts her agony on Tiktok with some hilarity. Watch the full video below!

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