At age 22, people are still finding out what they want to do in life, or they are under a mountain of student debt, but 22-year old Katelyn Ohashi has a different story. At a young age, she had already achieved a lot of amazing things, but her latest routine just gave her fame another level. Aside from being one of the most famous athletes on the planet, Ohashi also has won a total of 8 gold and two bronze medals: five from Jr. Pacific Rim Championships, one from the FIG World Cup, another gold and two bronze medals from NCAA championships.

American football may be the most-watched sports in the United States, but in 2019, Ohashi took the spot of the most viral sports video of the year and surpassed all the other sports videos. Ohashi’s routine video was uploaded on Youtube at the beginning of the year and already has more than 57 million views. Ohashi groove to the beat of Michael Jackson’s The Way You Make Me Feel. It is obvious that she is enjoying the amazing acrobatic stunt. She is seen smiling and dancing enthusiastically throughout the video.

She got the crowd screaming at the end of her routine and a score of perfect 10.0 from the judges. And a proof that Ohashi is an amazing gymnast is because this performance is her fourth perfect 10.0! She got her seventh perfect 10.0 two months after this.

This young lady deserves to be at the top, aside from being a great gymnast, she is also a survivor. She had suffered many injuries and she even mentioned in an interview how people has damaged her self-esteem. But she was able to deal with the negativity and became optimistic especially after she enrolled at UCLA.

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