Dog Owner Scolds Guilty Pooch But Has To Smile At Dog’s Abrupt Apology Caught On Camera

If you are a dog lover and own a beautiful canine. You are well aware of the mess they make. During their growing phase, pups enjoy chewing anything their mouth grabs on to. As they grow up, they become more agile and enjoy their playtime. Usually, these amazing creatures do feel remorse after their wrongdoings.

Similar to Ettore’s reaction in the video featuring below. Antonio Granai, the owner, was not very thrilled by Ettore’s mischievous behaviors. Hence, Granai decided not to pet him as a punishment. Not just that, when Antonio begins scolding the canine, Ettore buries his face in shame.

With heartwarming puppy-dog-eyes, the canine begs for forgiveness. For a moment, the owner was not entirely convinced. Furthermore, Ettore is not ready to give up either. He tries his best to hug Antonio with remorseful eyes. Eventually, the owner hugs him back as a sign of forgiveness.

Please press play and enjoy the clip.

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