Adorable Quarantined Grandparents Get Down to Adam Lambert

A third of the world’s countries are in lockdown due to the Corona Virus. And although it is difficult, the best course of action is to self-isolate and keep a distance from people. Moreover, this time is an excellent opportunity for self-reflection and to connect with the people you’re in quarantine with. And this senior couple sure knows how to make the best of hard times!

Amongst the people who can get infected by COVID-19, the elderly are one of the most at-risk groups. This is the reason why they follow the process of isolation seriously. Moreover, it is also a good idea for vulnerable people to boost their immune system. One of the most significant ways to do that is through exercise, and these grandparents have found a fun way to incorporate it during quarantine!

quarantined grandparents

When you are stuck in quarantine, it can be easy to be lazy. So, if you are having trouble staying motivated, just take a look at these dancing grandparents! As Adam Lambert’s “Superpower” plays on television, the pair stand in front of it and move their bodies. Moreover, the grandpa is lost in the music while grandma can’t showing us her groove! And the camera person even gets a kick out of the cute duo! Watch the video below:

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