Dog Hears “Shake That” Playing, Then Immediately Get His Groove on

Dogs are known to be very trainable. They can be really obedient, and can do almost anything if they are trained from a young age. The pooch in the following video is no exception. He is pretty obedient, and it seems that his owners have been teaching some fun moves. You might have seen dogs performing some dance routines, but this pooch takes it to another level!

Harley the dog has some raunchy move up his sleeves. When the song starts to play, he starts doing exactly what the lyrics of Eminem’s “Shake That” tell him to do. Now who could have guessed a dog would be able to do that? Well he’s either dancing, or he’s scratching a terrible itch. No matter what the case, you have to admit that he has some wicked moves.

When Harley gets his groove on, all his family watches in wonder! Thankfully, they were able to capture this hilarious dance on tape. When the family uploaded it online, it quickly went viral. Dancing dogs are amazing on their own, but the way Harley follows the song is simply too hilarious not to like and share! Dogs can do the strangest things, and Harley just proves it!

Check out this hilarious video below:

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