Groom Steals The Spotlight As He Shows Off His Slick Moves To “Smooth Criminal”

Weddings have come a long way from the past, Intially what used to be an emotional gathering, with vows exchanged completed with the first dance. Now people are taking it up a notch. Many people these days are finding ways to entertain their guests whilst having fun in the process.

Some go for a classic opt-out for mash-ups 90’s hits, while others go the whole caboodle with the Dirty Dancing sequence plus the lift. But the groom is different. The smooth criminal is going rogue on the dancefloor. The fact that the bride’s maid and the best men practiced the routine over the video calls prior to the wedding.
groom dance off smooth criminal

I mean, talk about friendship and commitment. The only time they got together for the dance rehearse is right before the wedding. Jeff Loehrke starts on the dancefloor, donning the exact outfit as Michael Jackson. Looking down, he begins nailing one step after another; his friends join in the background. The whole performance is just outstanding and looks so much fun. As the act goes on, the lovely bride joins the groom, and off they go with their routine.

The team showcased an entertaining and wholesome dance act. Please press play and enjoy. We all have been hit by a Smooth Criminal.

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