Granny added these two ingredients to make a super easy fudge. You don’t want to miss it

We’re all a sucker for easy and quick recipes, are we not? They make our food delicious. And since the cooking time is faster, it takes no time for consumption.

This granny has some amazing quick recipes in store for her followers. This video, in particular, is of an easy microwave fudge. And the best part is, it only has two-ingredient.

easy fudge recipe

The first thing that goes into the easy microwave fudge is sweetened condensed milk. And the second ingredient is milk chocolates. You then need to microwave the ingredients so that it could melt.

After it’s melted, you pour it into a container. But before pouring it, make sure that your container is covered with aluminum foil. Then spray the container with oil, so it doesn’t stick. And after you pour the mix, you need to chill it in the fridge for at least two hours. And after it’s done, just cut it up, and you’re done.

WATCH the video to know how it is made precisely.

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