Toddler Has Major Vision Issues, Then Gets Special Glasses

Watching children showing their emotions is probably the most beautiful thing in the world. It is pure and raw. And this little kid has a lot of emotions to share because he is seeing things clearly for the very first time.

Being able to see is such a privilege in itself. Something Christian was denied of. He had a major visual impairment ever since a baby. But his parents only realized it when he was three months old. According to the doctors, his vision was not developing properly.

baby's first glasses

However, a cure was possible. Wearing glasses with the correct power could help Christain see the world around him. So, the doctors made custom glasses for the baby. But putting it on was a battle in itself.

His mom struggled a little bit while putting it on. But when she did, Christian’s reaction changed immediately. Now that he could see everything clearly, the sheer joy in his face was to die for.

WATCH the heartwarming video of how he reacts to seeing everything clearly.

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